W3Flints Clock Timer JavaScript





W3Flints ClockTimer is a powerful, cross-browser and standalone clock engine written in pure Javascript. It allows you to implement a clock, a timer, a stopwatch or a countdown widget in seconds, or create a sophisticated component extending the core library. Add behavior inside or outside the widget using milestones and event hooks. Use the helpers included for date and time operations, object cloning and merging, and much more.


  • No dependencies
  • Cross-browser
  • Accurate and fast
  • Several instances in the same page
  • Supports internationalization
  • Supports time zones
  • Easy to extend and customize via javascript and CSS
  • Clean code
  • Continuous refresh, even in background
  • Includes HTML, analog, progressbar and polar renderers
  • Complete documentation included


  • Chrome 4 +
  • Firefox 4 +
  • Internet Explorer 10 +
  • Microsoft Edge 12+
  • Safari 3.2 +
  • Opera 10 +


  • Include the .JS and the .CSS files inside the head block.
  • Define a container inside the body block.
  • Initialize it using the code provided in the examples.


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